Brief bio about guest speakers in our technical events

Omar’s entrepreneurial story is the passion he had for 3D printing and building up a brand to be recognized on the global stage. Omar is currently in charge of Immensa (KSA) additive manufacturing center and digital inventory solution (DIS).​ Immensa is leveraging additive manufacturing (3D printing) capabilities to transform the supply-chain by converting physical spare parts into digital assets. Immensa’s digital inventory service is based on a proprietary platform that provides an end-to-end solution to oil & gas sector transitioning from physically storing of spare parts to virtual warehousing.
Mr. Omar Abuhabaya
General Manager
A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University, member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) & Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE), worked as a commercial operations engineer and tendering engineer in Saudi Arabian Engineering Company ltd. (SAECO) & (Weir Arabian Metals Company) from 2018-2020, worked as sales engineer at SMI from 2020-present, have been working with several departments within Saudi Aramco, Aramco subsidiaries and contractors to provide various types of engineered components as well as pumps spare parts, worked closely with Mechanical Services Shop Department (MSSD) to accomplish different reverse engineering projects by utilizing the local 3d sand printing, casting and machining capabilities.
Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Omar
Sales engineer
A mechanical engineer, graduate from Yanbu college, certified black belt lean SIX sigma worked as a maintenance engineer for 3 years at Obeikan Glass Company, one of world class operation management team members at OGC, joined SMI on the first of october 2020 as a development engineer at engineering department, familiar with additive manufacturing technologies, one of the main tasks assigned to me beside projects management is leading the activities related to 3d printing.​
Mr. Fayez Al-Ahmadi
Development Engineer
Faisal Alamer is a self-made entrepreneur, graduated from KFUPM as a Mechanical Engineer. Faisal, the Founder and CEO of Namthaja, has pioneered the 3D Printing Industry in Saudi Arabia since 2015, with a mission to revolutionize the 3D printing industry in the kingdom. Namthaja provides innovative manufacturing solutions to supply chain challenges, and opens new horizons in products manufacturing by capitalizing on the advantages of 3D Printing.
Mr. Faisal Alamer
Founder & CEO
Angus Bowie has many patents to his name, including the BISEP® that has revolutionized the hot tap and line stop isolation market. Angus has developed, commissioned, and deployed one of the world’s first remote control systems for autonomous isolation plugs and has been a key influence in the development of the current STATS remote Tecno Plug® range. With over 25 years specializing in engineered isolation solutions for pipeline repair and maintenance. Angus’s experience covers a wide scope of pipeline integrity applications including emergency pipeline repair systems, mechanical connectors, and repair clamps.
Mr. Angus Bowie
Regional Director Middle East & Asia Pacific
Dr. Umesh Patil is R&D Manager for Air Products Technology Center at Dhahran Techno Valley. He manages the research collaboration activities for Air Products in the Middle East region, working closely with major customers and universities. His research team is supports Air Products Blue, Green Hydrogen mega projects and Gasification business in Saudi Arabia. Umesh has M.S. and Ph.D. in Material Chemistry, and he is working in Saudi Arabia for ten years on technologies ranging from molecules to megawatts scales in up-, mid-, and downstream industries.
Dr. Umesh Patil
R&D Manager
Air Products Company
As part of the energy storage organization within Siemens Energy Heiko Grootens is focused on supporting future energy systems by driving e.g. large scale storage solutions. He has been with Siemens, a global technology conglomerate for twenty-three years. Starting in the Mobility Division he is working since more than 13 years in the energy division (now Siemens Energy) with focus on R&D and Technology.
Mr. Heiko Grootens
Technology Manager Thermal & Thermo-Mechanical Storage
Siemens Energy
Head of Energy System Design & Concepts at SIEMENS energy. Holds a PhD in process engineering and has more than 15 years of experience in the energy sector dealing with distributed energy systems and heat conversions.
Dr. Jochen Schaefer
Head of Energy System Design & Concepts
Siemens Energy
Abdulrahman Alkhowaiter BSME is a Rotating Equipment Consultant & Instructor with thirty years of experience covering a wide variety of machinery engineering and troubleshooting experience. Experience in Maintenance Reliability positions covering Reliability Centered Maintenance of compressors, steam turbines, gas turbines, diesel engines, pumps, electric motors, gearboxes, blowers, and fans for seven years. In addition he has worked 20 years in engineering consulting for a major petroleum company specializing as a compressor and steam turbine specialist.
Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Khowaiter
Machinery Consultant
Saudi Aramco